Convert WAV into MP3 by using Drag&Drop



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LamedropXPd is a free audio converter that allows you to easily convert from WAV into MP3 in a snap.

Are you tried of advanced and difficult programs that mislead you when transforming audio files? LamedropXPd is the perfect solution for basic and fast conversions.

You only have to run it and you'll see its interface, then, just drag and drop the files you want to convert and it will do the rest. Of course, if you are not a novice you can change some settings and personalize the transformation process, but if you are a novice, don't mess yourself, just install, run and drag and drop.

In short, if you want a basic program with no advanced settings that doesn't need to be installed, so you can have it on the go, LamedropXPd is a perfect choice for you.

Based on Lame 3.98

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